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Georgia Middle School Athletic Association


The Georgia Middle School Athletic Association (GMSAA) is a residence based middle school lacrosse and football program with more than 4,500 student-athletes. At the GMSAA a student-athlete must play for the program of the high school district they live within. This allows the high school coaching staff to start developing their athletes at the 6th grade level as opposed to the freshman year in high school. The GMSAA encourages the high school coaching staff to help implement the same offense and defense as the high school giving the middle school players a greater knowledge of plays and concepts. 

At the GMSAA, we also enforce our by-laws in a very strict manor allowing for the highest level of safety and coach’s knowledge of concussion protocol and procedure. The GMSAA is committed to our athletes along with their growth and knowledge of the game. Our Board of Executive Directors and Region Managers have more many years of experience in coaching the fundamentals of the game, player safety, and leadership in the community.  Being a GMSAA member is an honor for both the member programs and the league. We have had thousands of athletes move on to the high school, college, and professional ranks and we stand by our “Commitment to Excellence”. 

If you are a high school without a competitive middle school lacrosse league, the GMSAA can offer you the highest level of competition in the country. We have proven that being a GMSAA member creates a stronger and more competitive high school program. Our teams are consistently ranked at the top of the state both middle school and high school.

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